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Join us at 6th annual China International OLEDs Summit! With the improvement of OLED efficacy and luminance, a lot of TV and smartphone OEMs has adopted OLED in their products, there are also a rising number of new applications of OLED appear on the market. In this event, not only OLED display and lighting will be covered, the new applications and revolutionary technology will also be the main topics of the event. Don't miss this great opportunity of meeting the top experts of the industry.

Conference Highlights: OLED lighting design, market innovation, white OLEDs Replacement for "ITO"& Novel materials Innovation application: Virtual Reality, Home and business, wearable devices, vehicle display Case study from global OLED panel giants Printing and other manufacturing solutions Manufacturing technology: Deposition, substrates, backplanes, encapsulation.etc Flexible, foldable, transparent Display Case study on Large size OLED TV Panel discussion on OLED display commercialization



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